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Paper Information


Colorplan Colour Swatch Image

Colorplan is the highest quality coloured paper and card available and is ideal for paper card making and other paper crafts. The 20 colours are available in A4 plain paper and card. Three sizes of folded cards and matching envelopes are also available.

A unique textured finish (Stucco) is also available on the paper and card ranges, allowing you to co-ordinate your card making and paper crafting projects

It is an extremely versatile paper which lends itself to many applications, of unlimited use. Its pure quality and crisp feel transforms the end result from being merely good to simply stunning.

A3 sheets are available on request. Selected colours can be ordered in 700gsm - an extremely solid and rigid card which is almost 1mm thick - WOW!

Envelopes are available in all colours, made from the 135gsm heavy paper weight.

Blank pre-creased greeting cards are also available in all colours and three sizes. Three fold aperture cards are available in selected colours.

Colorplan is made in the UK, is fully recyclable and manufactured in environmentally approved mills.

The full range of Colorplan colours can be found here

Colorplan Stucco

Colorplan Stucco Colour Swatch Image

Colorplan is the highest quality coloured paper and card available and is ideal for paper card making and other paper crafts. The 20 colours are available in A4 Stucco embossed paper and card.

All the inherent beauty and unparalleled qualities of our Colorplan range apply to Colorplan Stucco, they both start life as the same paper, but Colorplan Stucco has something extra, a unique textured surface.

The Stucco effect brings a third dimension to the paper. It transforms not only its look but also its feel. The paper’s texture, the paper’s tactility, subtly influence your perception of its quality and potential. For example two different sheets of paper together rely purely on differences in colour to separate them, but if one has a texture and one doesn’t they both come alive on their own merits regardless of colour.

Translucent, Vellum's and Metallics

Biblio / Onion Skin

image: colour swatch
These super lightweight papers add an interesting dimension to many projects.

Biblio is 50gsm smooth paper, which despite being exceptionally thin, is also very strong and opaque. As its name suggests, it is the paper that Bibles are commonly made from.

Onion Skin is even lighter than Biblio at only 34gsm. It has an unusual cockle finish that gives a crisp but delicate feel.

Translucents and Vellum

image: Vellum and Translucent papers colour swatch

A4 Tansclear Vellum is ideal for Pergamano work. Our other Vellum colours are ideal for stamping, embossing, layering & paper tearing, envelopes and gift tags, inserts and overlays, perfect for pockets on scrapbook pages, matting photographs, gift bags or simply using as tracing paper!

Our collection of Translucent and Vellum papers are very special.

Transclear is the traditional tracing paper type effect and is used the world over in an endless combination of interesting and innovative ways.

A further option is the much more unique White Cloud and Crystal papers. The same properties as the traditional Transclear but with a subtle effect incorporated into the sheet adding a further dimension.
The final choice is to use colour. From subtle pastel shades to bold and brash colours, they are all available at Paper2go.


image: Metallic colour swatch
The Metallics collection is available in  300gsm A4 card, blank folded cards and matching envelopes.

We are all drawn to light and reflection – it has a natural attraction.

Paper with a metallic or pearlescent finish has the same effect, it can lift a plain look to something much more enticing. The alluring effect of the Diamond and Opal Pearl colours contrast with the more daring Metallic Silver and Gold.


Picture: Parchment Colour Swatch

Parchment is available in 176gsm A4 card and folded card with matching parchment envelopes.

The foremost parchment board available in a beautiful range of colours. Its unique surface pattern gives a visual appeal lacking in so many of today’s papers.

The paper is a modern day version of the parchment used thousands of years ago. It looks superb on its own, or why not use it in conjunction with a plain paper, perhaps one of our darker Colorplan colours to give a stunning contrast.

Parchment is the ideal paper for certificates and is one of the most popular choices for restaurant menus.

Although not guaranteed, Parchment has produced some excellent results on inkjet printers, why not order a mini pack to see how it performs in your printer?


Picture: Marbled papers colour swatch

Marbled paper is available in A4 200 gsm sheets

A beautifully clean and crisp paper, our Marbled range is the genuine article. Copied by so many by using a cheap card and printing the marble effect, ours is a true marble incorporated into the sheet as part of the paper making process. Compare the two and there is no comparison - why pay a premium for an inferior product?

Like the Parchment range, Marbled works beautifully in its own right, but why not think about using it in conjunction with a plain paper for a really special effect.

Marbled papers are very popular in the craft market but for many years have been frequently specified by businesses to give an upmarket feel to menus and invitations for example.

Although not guaranteed Marbled card works well in laser printers which are able to accept the heavier weight.


 Picture: Colorflute corrugated card colour swatch

Colorflute corrugated card is available in A4 and A3 sheet sizes.

Colorflute is the genuine self-coloured corrugated card. So many alternatives are white paper printed with the colour. This looks fine until you cut it and find the edge shows white somewhat spoiling the intended effect. Why settle for second best when you can have the real thing?

Colorflute’s rich depth of colour has numerous craft possibilities. The colour palette is enhanced with the addition of the Gold and Silver options which have a metallic mirror film applied to the corrugated card base resulting in a unique effect.

Colorflute - the finest corrugated on the market.


image: envelope information

Picture: Colorplan colour swatch
Picture: Parchment colour swatch
Picture: Marbled colour swatch
image: metallics envelopes colour swatchimage: treasury envelopes swatch

One of the most comprehensive collections of envelopes available in the UK today.

A fabulous array of colour and texture guarantee attention and make a first impression like no other. The majority of our envelopes are made from paper much thicker than normal envelopes, and give a crispness and quality so often lacking.

Research proves that a yellow envelope in a pile of standard white and manila ones will be opened first. You don’t have to choose yellow – all our colours will have the same impact, the same sense of expectancy and anticipation that the contents will be something special and something exciting.

Cut and Creased Cards

image: folded card diagram and size information

image: colorplan envelopes swatch

image: parchment envelopes swatch
image: soft touch folded cards colour sampleimage: metallics envelopes swatchimage: treasury envelopes swatch

Our stunning collection of blank, pre-creased cards are renowned for their impactive colours and luxurious feel.

They are the perfect base for your card making imagination. Whites, delicate tints, rich colours, striking metallics – all our cards can be creatively transformed.

Choose a size and colour that complements the subject and make the paper part of the picture. Newly introduced are aperture cards, a double-fold design, which lends itself to a number of uses.

Complementary insert papers are available for all our sizes of card. They are laser and inkjet compatible and give a professional look and special feel to your production. Insert papers allow the use of a card made out of some of our darker colours with dramatic effect.

Pure Sensations

A sumptuous collection of papers transfixing the eye, rich to the touch.


Image: Treasury colour swatch
Treasury is available in A4 card, folded card and matching envelopes. The visual attraction of Real Gold and White Gold is simply stunning, they have an unmatched radiance and a uniqueness that depicts true beauty and value.

Soft Touch

Image: Soft Touch colour swatches
Soft Touch is available in A4 card and folded cards. The Soft Touch colours on the other hand are a master of deception. Your eyes will see paper, but your fingertips will feel something else - perhaps a feel of rubber? - why not find out for yourself. The paper’s special secret coating really does have to be felt to be believed.


image: Bier colour swatches
Bier papers are available in A4 250gsm card
Bier paper contains beer! Produced on the oldest paper making machine in Europe hidden away in the Bavarian Alps, the sediment of hops and yeast left over from the beer-making process is used to make this amazing brew.

Bier’s subtle flecked texture, rich colour and unique heritage make it a very special paper indeed.

Thai Tissue

Picture: Thai Tissue colour sample
Our Thai Tissue colours appeal to the sense of serenity. A soft and kind collection that evokes thoughts of a gentler way of life.

Thai Tissue is only available in mixed packs and uniquely comes in both A4 and A2 sizes (500x700m) lending itself to special wrapping projects amongst other uses.


Image: Plasma colour swatch
Plasma is available in 700mic A4 sheets. Plasma Clear Natural is also available in 300mic

Plasma is an exceptionally strong polypropylene material.
It is available in light tinted translucent shades as well as the traditional Clear Natural. We also offer three solid colours, the silver and blue with a special sparkle effect.

Plasma is suitable for numerous uses including covers and overlays, as well as innovative creative and decorative applications. Using one of the tinted shades with a printed image showing through gives a particularly nice effect.

Due to its inherent strength Plasma is virtually indestructible. It is impossible to tear and cannot be stapled. It can be folded but requires a score with a craft knife.


Many years ago when hand written letters were the norm rather than the exception, nobody would dream of using white paper. Writing pads were always made from a pastel coloured paper with a nice quality feel to it. Every letter was unique, handwriting differed from person to person, people used different pens, different coloured ink, the paper changed - overall every letter had its own identity, its own feel and was a pleasure to receive.

With the advent of home computers and laser and inkjet printing, letters and CV’s have lost something. The majority are on inferior white copier paper, people use the same font, they all look the same.

A special paper is a way of bringing back some individuality. A special paper makes it look like you care, it tells people you are an individual, and it shows that you have given just that extra bit of thought to what you present to them.

First impressions count - you only have one chance to make a first impression - give yourself the best chance.

We hope you like the Office range and understand the benefits of making it your new choice for home computer use. The Office range is a unique collection of colour and texture that performs with today’s technology but introduces a quality look and feel which together with the matching envelopes really does make all the difference.

Wedding Stationery

New from Paper2go, luxurious self-print wedding stationery. Produced from premium quality extra thick card with a style and feel chosen to be a perfect match for your special day. All the designs are gold or silver foil blocked on the front using a custom engraved copper plate. The end result – wedding stationery identical or even better quality than a professionally printed package but at a fraction of the cost.

The three styles of card are firstly ‘Traditional’ which imparts a time-honoured style and quality that perfectly matches your beautiful wedding day. Secondly we have ‘Modern’, textured papers in white or cream with a subtle and interesting typeface to make your wedding that bit more unique. Finally and ultimately, we have ‘Luxury’, produced from stunning papers with an unmatched radiance that depicts true beauty and style that is impossible to recreate in this brochure.

You are just three steps away from producing your own complete wedding stationery package.
1 Choose your matching packs.
2 Print your own insert on your home computer on the paper supplied.
3 Fix the insert into the card with double-sided tape, place into the matching envelope and you are done!
You could go one step further, try embellishing the card with ‘toppers’ available from most craft shops, or why not fix the insert paper with ribbon matched to the colour theme of your wedding. Your wedding stationery will be both beautiful and unique.


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